Linen Characteristics

Linen has natural crispness does not require starching. It becomes softer and more lustrous with use and laundering, a long used piece of linen may have similar hand feel and appearance of natural silk.


Good quality linen is very durable and will wear a long time. It is readily refreshed by washing and ironing, and can be ironed at a somewhat higher temperature than cotton, but it will scorch if the iron is too hot. When it is ironed, linen has an odor somewhat like straw. Damp or steam ironing assists greatly in ironing out stubborn wrinkles and creases. Linen garments and fabrics should be ironed on the wrong side (Inside out).


The inelasticity of linen helps to ensure that linen fabrics and garments retain their shape. The fabric of the garment is so inelastic that it will normally not yield on stretching.


Good moisture absorbency makes linen a comfortable fiber, as perspiration is readily and quickly absorbed. Due to the good moisture absorbency of linen and its smooth fabric surfaces it is a comfortable fiber under most conditions.

From good to very good heat conducting property of linen makes it the most heat resistant fiber in common use.

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